2018 2nd International Conference on Education Innovation and Social Science
(ICEISS 2018), Nov. 24-25, 2018 in Jinan, Shandong Province, China



Conference Chairs

Prof. Xiaonan Xiao, Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee College, China

Prof. Jiwen Jiao, Shandong University, China


Program Chairs

Prof. W. Guo, Jinan University, China

Prof. C.C Liu, Shandong University of Technology, China

Prof. Gabriel Alungbe, University of Cincinnati, USA


Technical Committee Members

Prof. Joseph Yu-shek CHENG,City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Prof. Qingao Yue, Dalian Maritime University

Prof. Jiqian Wang, China University of Petroleum

Prof. Jun LIN, Xian Jiaotong University

Prof. Xifu Xu, Shandong University

Prof. Cheng-Ping Chang, National University of Tainan, Taiwan

Prof. Chao Jia, Tianjing University of Technology

Prof. Arturo Díaz Suárez, Faculty of Sport Sciences, University of Murcia, Spain

Prof. Fangwen Zhu, Shanghai University

Prof. Shuangmei Liu, Nanchang University

Prof. Deyun Mo, Lingnan Normal University

Prof. Mengxi Xu, Nanjing Institute of Technology

Prof. Shijun Yang, China Three Gorges University

Prof. Shaorong Feng, Xiamen University

Prof. Jianqiang Liu, Shandong University

Prof. Boyu Sun, Zhejiang Ocean University

Prof. Jun Huang, China Jiliang University

Prof. Yabin Gao, Shaanxi Normal University

Prof. Mei Liu, Shanghai University

Prof. Prof. J. Filho, University of Grenoble, France

Prof. Yijun Xia, Tongji University

Prof. Yemei Zhou, Wuhan City Vocational College

Prof. Jie Liu, Xi'an Jiaotong University

Prof. Wenping Ren, Yunnan University

Prof. Xuanping Hu, Shaanxi University of Technology



ICEISS 2018 Secretariat:


Submission Deadline

Nov. 10th, 2018

Conference Date

Nov. 24-25, 2018

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